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Teddy’s Tales: A Dog on the Sofa

Teddy was looking particularly handsome (and clean) post-groom, and I allowed him – maybe even encouraged him – to sit on the sofa for a snuggle (see picture, above). This is me: the person who would Never Allow Dogs on the Sofa. My friends are sniggering. It’s a slippery slope. What can I say?
I’m remembering Kevin-the-Trainer’s reasoning when asked about this in Puppy Class. “You train your dog to come when you ask, sit when you ask, stay when you ask,” he said. “So, make getting up on the sofa part of a command. Just be sure it’s something you decide, not him.” I’m taking that on board, if a little retrospectively…
I can hear my friends mocking me still, and they’re right. It didn’t take long for me to change my mind about the sofa. Although there’s one thing of which I can be sure: I have always had an aversion to dog’s bum on pillow and I will always be the person that Never Allows Dogs on the Bed.
My husband says, “Give it time.”

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