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Training Teddy: Fish Skin Chews

There are two collies that walk our street daily. They are beautifully trained: so utterly zoned-in, so obsessively focused on their owner’s slightest movement and quietest command that I’m surprised they don’t bump into things. Perhaps they do.
Recently, pure focus has only come to Teddy when a squeaky ball is involved. But now I have found The Truly Naturals Fish Skin Dog Chews, £3.99, from Lily’s Kitchen. As soon as the kitchen drawer where we keep the stinky treats (snapped tight in a well-sealed box – they smell very, very bad or, clearly, very, very good if you’re a dog) starts to open, Teddy scurries in, eyes seeking the target, like some Icelandic cat-fish-seeking missile. Good to expand the training treat repertoire.

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