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Training Teddy: A Head Collar

I’m sad to say that Teddy is a puller. He takes me for a walk. I didn’t imagine it would be this way and I don’t think it’s a Miniature Schnauzer thing. Kevin-the-Trainer suggests several remedies. One involves my walking so close to a wall, with Teddy on the wall-side, that I effectively make him walk behind me, even though he’s desperate to squeeze past and get in front. It works well enough although over-hanging bushes can make it a tricky. Another suggestion was a head collar. The Halti version looks a bit like a muzzle (and some, thinking it is, give us a wide berth) but it is not. Made of soft fabric, a dog can still eat, drink, pant and yawn when wearing it. Inspired by horse headgear, the Halti’s design allows you to steer a dog, and in this way you do not ‘give him his head’. I should say that Teddy is not wildly keen on it as you can see (above), but boy does it work. Kevin-the-Trainer’s advice: ensure you give the dog equal time walking on both left and right hand sides of you when wearing it, or he may end up feeling lop-sided.

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