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Friday Find: The Dogist

Could I love a website more? The Dogist combines sharp street portraits with an inspired subject matter: dogs. Dogs of every shape and colour, but all photographed on the hoof, on the streets of New York. With a tongue in cheek reference to the hugely influential fashion street style blogger, The Sartorialist. It’s spot on.
“I wanted to pursue an artistic venture,” says The Dogist’s founder/photographer, Elias Weiss Friedman. “There were beautiful dogs running all over NYC. The project has evolved, but will always maintain that simple premise: real dogs captured in their element.” I’m particularly fond of Wesley, the Great Dane, photographed looking statuesque, managing to dwarf skyscrapers. And then there’s the Mini Schnauzer, with his dreamy, screen siren eyes called Barak (yes I’m a dog bore, but I do like to note dog name fashions on the other side of the The Pond). If you are an advocate of Twitter, I’d recommend following @thedogist: having these clean, crisp images of the most hilariously characterful dogs pop up in your daily Twitter feed positively lightens the load.

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