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Friday Find: Cool Pad = Cool Dog

The warm weather has been a long time coming, but it’s too much for this Miniature Schnauzer with his double-thick coat. Teddy is spending an awful lot of time conked-out in the shade. Early morning is the only time for a decent run, otherwise it’s short, shady pavement forays.
A haircut (with a rather nifty runway strimmed down his tummy to speed heat loss) has lessened Teddy’s shaggy load. He has a steady supply of cool fresh water with the odd ice-cube thrown in and likes a refrigerated carrot. But there is a gadget that I am keen to try in my quest to keep Teddy cool. My friend recommended the Snuggle Safe Instant Cool Pad, £10. Nothing needs to be plugged in or frozen in advance, it’s non-toxic – the dog just sits on the pad and the pliable gel/crystals cool. Might also make long summer car journeys more comfortable. If you have any top tips for keeping a rufty tufty Miniature Schnauzer cool, please share.

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