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Training Teddy: Heel, Teddy, Heel!

In my quest to find new ways to stop Teddy pulling on the lead I came across an article on Pets Pyjamas and a new method to stop Teddy taking me for a walk.
Dog trainer and behaviour expert Nigel Reed explains his method, which starts before you even set off on your walk, with the way you put on your dog’s lead.
It’s a holistic approach: “I would advise every owner to first attempt to understand their dog by seeing at what point their behaviour becomes undesirable and to identify what they need in that moment. Then, secondly to teach the dog everything they want them to learn in the home where they feel happy and relaxed. Thirdly, to teach their dog in a calm, convincing and consistent manner.”
You will have to watch the online video, but one of his key suggestions is that every time your dog pulls on the lead and tries to assert his control over your walkies, you change direction thereby showing dog who is actually in charge. In my excitement I tried it out this morning, without the preamble. It made for a longer than usual walk to school but still, it was effective.
Now I will endeavour to go back, start at the beginning and do it properly. A work in progress, I’ll report back in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you’ve managed to get your dog to walk to heel, do me a rather large favour and please tell me how.

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