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Teddy Loves… An Adventure

Teddy loves a new adventure. These days he is no longer the clumsy pup led by curiosity: he doesn’t bowl up to other dogs – or men in hi-vis vests – without assessing the situation first. With the wind in his whiskers his attitude, and his walk, are positively jaunty. “Maybe he has just calmed down and grown-up,” says my husband.
Time to consult a man who knows. I ask Zasman-the-Vet: “It depends on the breed and the dog,” says Rodney Zasman. “Sexual maturity happens sometime around six months and permanent teeth come in sometime around seven months. While a dog like Teddy may be physically mature at around a year, it’s not until around three or four-years-old that dogs enter middle age – think of it like humans in their mid-thirties – and really calm down. That said, I know four-year-old dogs that still behave like puppies. As with humans, some dogs are more mature than others.” Teddy will be one-year-old at the end of this month – I can’t quite believe that this Miniature Schnauzer has grown into his old man’s beard and whiskers just yet, although if it curtails his tendency to wander off without looking back, I might be just a little bit relieved.

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