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Friday Find: Wagwear

It used to be small leather goods that were my Internet obsession, now I seem to spend an awful lot of time trawling the web for Teddy-related accessories. As with the purses, I’m not after run of the mill bits and pieces but something outstanding, either in terms of design, craftsmanship or style. Trouble is, the niche outfits that offer something different in dog terms, are often not set-up to ship their desirable kit to little old London-town.
So when I was cruising around the supremely smart New York City-based Wagwear site, homing in on all their extremely up-my-street lightweight`two-tone dog collars and leads, I was thrilled to read that, “Wagwear ships internationally, domestically, down the street, or under the boardwalk. Anywhere your pup goes, we go.” Love that. I’m choosing Teddy’s alternative collar as soon as I’ve posted this.

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