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Friday Find: Dogs on Twitter

When I’m scrolling through Twitter, I find myself clicking on just about every Tweet that features a winsome, hairy-dog (Teddy, above, has featured plenty). I realise that when it comes to Miniature Schnauzers I’m biased (and I’m clearly not alone), but even those who are not that way inclined may find a little cheer on BarkPost. Affiliated to Barkbox, the deluxe New York-based monthly subscription dog gift box service, it’s billed as ‘the best dog stuff on the Internet’. Short doggy-related video clips – from loopy, sweet stories (the disabled racing Dachshund), to nutty snatches of dog behaviour (two mutts barking at each other through an open fence – you’ll just have to watch it); heartening human/dog relationships (the policeman who tamed the pit bull) to loony human/dog stuff (a woman pretending her Miniature Schnauzer is a cello, and playing him. Exactly: what?). It’s the perfect, slightly mad mix for a Friday wind-down.

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