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Teddy’s Tales: The French and Dogs

When we got back from France I felt so relieved at just how easy it was to take Teddy along with us on our family road-trip that I think I may have misinterpreted the French attitude towards our Schnauzer.
At first I was bowled over. No one complained about Teddy – in restaurants, at the wedding we attended, in the church, in the hotels and chateaux.
Well, they just love dogs, I thought, blithely. Actually, after further consideration, I think the French just love life. And if you enjoy dragging a dog about on holiday with you, they are not going to be the ones to say non. Let’s face it – the taking August off, the cardiac-inducing cuisine, the fabulous wines – the French are not killjoys. Unless, in my experience, fashion is involved and then it becomes a whole different conversation. French chic is nothing if not fierce. Another reason that these days I am preferring walking the dog to sitting beside a catwalk. Just a thought.

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