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Friday Find: Bring My Dog To Work

If you love the thought of taking Fido to work but are wary of the upset that it may cause, there’s a clever new service that aims to help. Bring My Dog To Work is a training initiative set up by Kevin McNicholas (who also happens to be Teddy’s trainer, see Teddy’s Tales: Trainer No.1). “Take Your Dog to Work Day is a great national event,” says Kevin. “But if you are serious about having your dog at work with you on a more permanent basis it’s more likely to succeed if you properly prepare.” Kevin has been helping people do just that for some time now.
Teething puppies chomping on computer cables, dogs relentlessly jumping up at office visitors, separation anxiety when a impromptu meeting is called or a simple loo-break is required: just some of the dog/work problems that Kevin has had to address.
With 35 years’ worth of experience in animal behaviour and dog training, Kevin runs one of London’s biggest dog training organisations, Training Dogs. He consults for various dog charities providing, among other things, suitability assessments for dogs visiting care homes and hospitals. With that in mind, Kevin aims to help both employee and employer.
“Having some guidelines to hand, not just for you and your dog, but for your colleagues, too, makes sense,” says Kevin. “Setting up a routine, providing guidance (and training) for all involved, ensuring that the right questions are asked (permission, insurance etc.) will help make bringing your dog to work a pleasure for all.”

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