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Friday Find: Jimmy Choo the Super Dog

There are thousands of dogs with their own dedicated Instagram accounts, of which, of course, Teddy is one (you can find him @talesofteddy). While next week I’ll be writing about some of my favourites, I thought I’d give a Friday heads-up to one dog and his owner who have been causing a stir this week. Rafael Mantesso is the multi-talented Brazilian owner of a restaurant, editor-in-chief of a gastronomy marketing site and gifted illustrator, who has drawn and photographed his beautiful Bull Terrier, named Jimmy Choo, in various sweet and funny interactive situations. The ingenious results are on Instagram and, at the time of this post, has 81,187 followers. Via email, he writes, “I have Asperger’s and a hyperactive mind, so I draw and paint every day. This is my creative process. And Jimmy is at my side every time, so he participates with me.” My burning question: How does he get his dog to happily hold the pose for long enough? “He has been trained and he knows the voice command ‘stay’,” writes Mantesso. Simple! Visit @rafaelmantesso for the full range of fun.

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