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Teddy Loves… A Soopa Chew

How often do you buy a dog treat and take a bite of it yourself? If you feel slightly sick at the thought, then perhaps it’s worth looking at the treats you buy, and then checking out Soopa’s 100% Fruit and Veg Dog Chews. Produced in a human grade facility, Soopa’s chews are made from either dried papaya (with natural anti-parasitic properties), sweet potato (good for sensitive stomachs) or coconut (to maintain a healthy skin and coat) and are all natural with no added anything and completely fit for human consumption.
Originally a dog groomer, Barbara Hanly was shocked by the amount of dogs she came across with food-related ailments such as skin allergies, obesity, diabetes. She did her research and decided to come up with an alternative to the commercial pet food treats on offer. “I thought it would be nice to have a super-healthy dog treat. I wanted something that was low-fat, with no grains and really simple. I knew dogs loved fruit and vegetables and I focused on the ones that have superfood benefits. Have you tried them yourself?” she asks before recommending the papaya. “If you have a sweet tooth, and you’re craving chocolate, try a little bit of that. It’s good for making you feel full.”

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