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Friday Find: Essential Leather Food

What is one common factor at Crufts, London Boat Show, The Classic Motor Show, and Ideal Home Show? A rather lovely leather balsam called Renapur. This neat tub of non-toxic, natural stuff is extra helpful because once applied sparingly with a sponge, you need not buff and polish. The balsam offers a shine due to the wax in it and then soaks in to feed the leather. So your dog lead and collar, your classic car steering wheel, your saddle, your boat shoes or your handbag can be looked after with little effort and to great effect. I do love a non-nonsense, one-stop product. On the bumf it states: “Shelf Life With the lid on: 20 years plus.” Also, apparently “Renapur is happy living in trucks, sheds, military vehicles etc”. Or under my kitchen sink.

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