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Friday Find: A Stylish Dog Collar – Classic with a Twist

For a while now I have been hankering after a gently jazzy dog collar for Teddy. While his classic British Racing Green leather collar and lead (see Teddy Loves…His Grown-Up Leather Collar and Lead) are still undoubtedly smart and functional, I feel there is room for something a little bit different in his accessories wardrobe (basket).
Arty is a local Schnauzer with particular style. He’s a lively chap who sports a fairly out-there silver collar, often with bow-tie attached. While Teddy might not be ready for such a strong sartorial statement, he could certainly rock a silver trim.
So when I came across a saddler who makes up padded two-tone dog collars, from £25, in just about any colour you can think of – silver included – I got uncommonly excited.
Ann Rees runs a family workshop that offers a bespoke service and over 400 colour combinations. Recently, purple has been the most popular colour, followed by bright blue, although tans and browns in the classic range hold their appeal. I opened a parcel yesterday to find Teddy’s newest addition: a rich tan padded collar with just a whisper of silver trim. It’s classic-with-a-twist and gently jazzy indeed.

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