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Teddy’s Tales: One Schnauzer’s take on 2014

2014 is nearly over. It feels time for a small review of the year. In the last twelve months we’ve learnt a lot about our hairy, mucky pup. For one thing, he’s grown-up…

Teddy is not a puppy anymore
Although it has been our second Christmas with Teddy, last year he was so busy chewing the decorations and pouncing on the tree that it felt more like festive damage control. This time round things were altogether more grown-up for this little Schnauzer: there was a lot more snoozing on the sofa and a lot less running off with the wrapping paper.

Teddy likes to travel
Whether it’s on a bus, on the Underground or in the car boot – Teddy is happy to come wherever we go. The ultimate test was a 12-hour drive to France, which he managed with minimal fuss. Phew!

Teddy loves the beach
When we set this urban dog loose on a Welsh beach he went bonkers barking at the ocean, poking his nose in rock-pools, playing chase-me with the waves. His fun was excellent to watch.

Teddy’s best off-lead. He doesn’t like puppies
When he’s on a lead, Teddy is keen to warn other dogs that he’s not as soft as he looks. That’s not so much fun when we’re trit-trotting the pavements. We’re working on it. As for the puppy thing, we think it’s their bounciness that puts him off, so until we straighten that out we’re keeping him well away.

Teddy recognizes other Schnauzers
Teddy is a Schnauzer magnet – if there’s one nearby he’ll find it. So discovering Schnauzerfest, and going for a ramble with thirty or so other hairy little dogs, was heaven for this sociable little tyke.

Teddy, the stylish Schnauzer, has an aversion to fluro
Well, perhaps it’s more that he is scared of people in hi-vis vests (they are often accompanied by noisy, crunching dustcarts or pneumatic drills).

Teddy loves a Cockerpoo
Is it the playful temperament? Is it the fact he can never quite catch up with them? Whenever Teddy finds a Cockerpoo (or any sort of Poodle or Poodle-mix) to play with, he’s up for the challenge and he’s off.

Teddy doesn’t give his love freely
Teddy takes a while to warm to newcomers. He’s not snappish or growly, but he is simply not the dog who will come and put his head in a stranger’s lap. I like his style.

Teddy is a family dog
He is not a one-man dog. Instead, Teddy has rather cannily managed to get each of us believing that we are his No. 1. I call that clever. Roll on 2015.

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