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Friday Find: By Terry’s Baume de Rose – dog accessories

Who would have thought that an expensive pot of lip balm would feature as an essential part of my dog accessories arsenal?

I had thought a chapped mouth and dried-out hands were simply the inevitable result of walking the dog twice daily in all the weather that winter throws my way. No big deal. But then, when it hurt to smile and the quicks started to peel away from my nails, I decided to address the problem with something more than a hasty slick of handcream in the morning and a smear of my son’s lipsalve.

I know that there are an awful lot of beauty products out there that simply don’t deliver – when I was a beauty columnist, I ploughed through plenty of them. So, when I find something that does the trick, I like to spread the news. Enter one tiny wonder pot: By Terry’s Baume de Rose.
By Terry is a cosmetics brand with a modern beauty guru at its helm. Suffice to say that in beauty terms, this woman invents small miracles. Her Baume de Rose is full of good things (most importantly UV filters and an SPF 15), it smells beautifully of rose, but it’s the texture (not too gloopy, not too Vaseline-slick) and the staying power that make it such a winner. I do love a multi-tasking product: it’s waxy enough to work wonders on nails, too.
The only snag? It costs £39 for a 15ml jar. But it lasts and it works. If you want to keep chapped lips or jagged hang nails at bay, that’s all you need to know.

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