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Friday Find: Food for a Sick Dog

sick dog

Stomach upsets are among the top five reasons that a sick dog visit the vet. What can you feed your poorly pooch when he’s under the weather? People have advised me to give Teddy boiled rice, mashed potato, plain pasta. A cooked chicken breast will often be accepted by our little dog – but not always. So I was pleased to find a new can of good stuff, Lily’s Kitchen Recovery Recipe that Teddy seems to like.
It was the only food that this sickly, yet still picky, Miniature Schnauzer would eat when he spent a night at the vet this week (See Teddy’s Tales: A Sick Schnauzer). Now home, and still recovering, he dances around my feet ecstatically when he sees me pick up a tin of the stuff.
What’s special about it? Well, first of all it’s from Lily’s Kitchen and I like their emphasis on wholesome meal-free, grain-free pet food. The Recovery Recipe combines fresh chicken, banana and potato (all gentle on the stomach) with added prebiotics to help maintain a healthy digestive system. They call it ‘a gentle recipe for a happy tummy’. I will be ordering a supply for those days when Teddy needs a little extra TLC – the doggy version of chicken soup.

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