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Friday Find: Dog Art

dog art

It was seven months ago that I last wrote about the excellent dog art of Robert James Clarke (see Friday Find: Robert James Clarke). Since then, he’s moved full-time to America and is busy honing his skills and, I’m pleased to say, widening his remit.
He’s gone back to his roots.“I wanted to make some art that was more affordable, so that people with a smaller budget can still have a picture of their dog.” While Clarke’s larger paintings go for £3000-plus and are true labors of love, these new smaller works are a more immediate and spontaneous rendition of your four-legged friend. See Teddy, above. “They are the vital, rough kind of drawings that I did when I was first starting out – old-school Caran D’ache coloured pencils and paint, on decent paper.” Clarke will work to a photograph and capture your dog in either A4-size (£250) or A3 (£350). I love his version of Ted – the beady eye, the squiffy brow and that big plastic nose just slay me – as in real life. Dog art indeed.

Get in touch with Robert James Clarke here

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