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Teddy Loves: A Groovy Dog Artist

dog artist

I wrote about Rafael Mantesso – a dog artist – and his beautiful bull terrier named Jimmy Choo a while back when the illustrator’s Instagram account featuring his trusty dog went viral (see Friday Find: Jimmy Choo the Super Dog).
Clever Jimmy Choo (the ritzy-glitzy shoe brand, not the roman-nosed dog) picked up on Mantesso and together they have come up with a capsule collection of small leather goods for humans (from £210), and two collars for dogs (in high-shine silver or encrusted with studs, naturellement).
Even if you are more of a wellies-and-webbing dog walker, please take a look at the brilliant short animated film that goes with the collection, A Day in the Life. It’s surprisingly groovy: that’s one hot dog.

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