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Friday Find: Left-Pawed Dogs

left pawed dogs

This week I have been paying close attention to Teddy’s paws. Having read a report about ‘paw preference’ in dogs (Dogs with Left Paw Preferences May Be Different Emotionally), I tried to work out if Ted falls into the category of left pawed dogs. The study is not wildly conclusive but it hints that there is some correlation between nervous behavioural traits and left pawed dogs.
Having watched Ted play and paw at a carrot-stuffed Kong and having tried to spot the leg that he starts to walk/run on (not as easy as it sounds), it turns out that versatile little Ted uses both paws equally – he’s ambi-paw-rous.
Given that he can be grumbly on a lead, it might have been convenient to shift the blame for Teddy’s nervy response away from his owner/trainer (me), and onto the rather broader shoulders of Mother Nature. But then, either way, the positive reinforcement and treat-based training would have to continue. Good job Teddy will do anything for a carrot.

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