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Teddy’s Tales: Cool Dog

cool dog

London is having a heatwave. We’re all feeling it. Especially those of us with integral fur coats. There are a lot of hot dogs around – but how to keep a cool dog?
While most dog owners know to walk their mutts in the morning, keep them in the shade, offer water often and look out for signs of heat exhaustion (excessive panting, red gums and tongue, heavy salivation, lack of co-ordination, vomiting/diarrhoea), there’s one thing that too many people still do: leave their dogs in parked cars.
Last year the AA attended more than 1000 pets locked in cars. There has recently been a huge ‘would you/wouldn’t you?’ debate on social media over whether you’d break a car window and risk a criminal damage charge to save a dog in distress.
The RSPCA recommend calling the police on 999 if you see a dog in a parked car on a warm day.
The trouble, it seems, is that people still mistakenly think that if the window is cracked open and if the car is parked in the shade, it’s okay to leave a dog in a parked car. It’s not okay. “On a 22°c day it can reach 47°c in the car in an hour! At 26°c outside it can reach 37°c in just 10 mins!” reports Dogs Trust in their online advice Hot Cars Kill Dogs. “Under 20 minutes in a hot car can prove fatal to a dog.” It doesn’t even have to be properly ‘hot’ outside for it to be boiling inside a car. So now you know – please don’t ever risk it.

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