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Friday Find: Healthy Dog Treats

healthy dog treats

Teddy’s ears are finely tuned. If he hears the salad crisper drawer in the ‘fridge open, he appears, as if by magic. If the vegetable peeler is put to work, he considers it his duty to come and hover in hope of healthy dog treats.

This dog loves carrots. Unless your dog has diabetes – in which case sugar and carbohydrates need to be carefully balanced – they are worth a try, if just because they are so very handy.

Recently, I found myself treatless, in the City, with a very unfocused Teddy. Not exactly the place to buy dog treats, but every food store has a bag of carrots. As I walked past the office blocks, biting off small, manageable bits of carrot to encourage Teddy to walk to heel rather than pull off my arm, I thought about the convenience of this urban dog’s vegetable obsession.

Carrots are portable, cheap, healthy, they don’t need packaging and they are available everywhere. And then there’s the added bonus: anyone who has fed their dog liver treats knows the special smell that clings to the hands afterwards. No such problem with a humble carrot. See its hypnotic power in the photograph above.

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