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Teddy’s Tales: Bonfire Night

Yesterday I read a Facebook post about a dog who panicked when fireworks were let off in a neighbour’s garden. He jumped the gate, ran into the road and met his end under the wheels of a truck. Awful, awful, awful.
It’s worth noting that even if you think your dog is bomb-proof, you need to be cautious at this time of year. There are some things you can do to alleviate a dog’s fireworks stress: Dogs and Fireworks.
I like The Dog Nanny’s advice on ensuring a dog’s collar won’t be slipped (tighten it a notch) on any essential evening walks. I like her advice about hunkering down with the dog and their snacks. And I particularly like her advice about dancing round the kitchen to loud music (Bon Jovi, preferably) as a distraction technique.

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