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Friday Find: Brilliant Long Dog Leash

long dog leash

If you are thinking of buying a very long dog leash to help train your dog, it’s worth considering Dog and Field’s Tracking Line. I wish I’d found it earlier, The Dog Nanny put me onto it – it is perfectly practical.
1. It has been coated and protected to make it waterproof and durable. It will not rot or hold odour. If you’ve ever owned a plain webbing long line you’ll know how revolting it can be to clean after it has trailed behind your dog through mud and who-knows-what. This 10 metre version wipes clean.
2. It’s neon. There’s no chance of losing sight of it when you need to pick it up in a hurry and there’s no chance any other person can miss it and trip over it.
3. It’s well made – with a strong trigger clip.
Finally, it’s pretty jaunty, and sometimes doggy training sessions require a bit of extra cheer.

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