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Teddy’s Tales: Go Growl at Some Cats

loss of a pet

Maggie the sheep dog, who lived on a dairy farm in Australia, reached the grand age of 30 before she died this week. She was inseparable from her farmer owner.

I saw some video footage of the broad, grizzled dog in her dotage, being carefully carried about by the farmer. He set her in his farm buggy, so she could accompany him on his rounds. “We were great mates,” he said. “It is a bit sad.” For all his understatement, I imagine he’s in bits.

Apparently Maggie was wandering around the farm, still growling at cats, in the days before her sudden decline. She was over 200 in equivalent human years – what a life for a dog!

Makes me feel guilty about having a dog in the city. It must be that healthy dogs – like healthy people – do better and last longer with plenty of fresh air and exercise. And companionship. I must get Ted out more so that he can go bother some cats.

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