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Friday Find: How Bright is Your Dog?

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When Teddy jumped into a stagnant pond so green with algae that it resembled a verdant field, he promptly sunk and gave himself a nasty shock.
“He won’t do that again,” I said confidently, when we skirted the pond a few days later. “He’s not stupid.” Famous last words. He ran straight over and bounced right in. I pulled him out and again, he was shaken, outraged at this pond-camouflaged-as-lawn.
I like to think that Ted is a bright dog. Others, including my sons, do not agree. They talk in awed tones about ‘clever Collies’ and the feats they achieve. They point to stories of mutts that, against all odds, cross continents to find their way home, and Guide Dogs diligently interpreting the human world for the visually impaired. I tell them it’s all a question of dog training, although I only really believe that up to a point…
So I was pleased to find that, in the How Clever is Your Dog? test, our modest Mini Schnauzer scored top marks. 21 out of 25 puts him in the Clever Dog category (just).
Although I can’t help wondering, as most of the tests revolve around food, could it simply be that Ted has a very good nose and/or is a bit of a pig? But no, I shouldn’t query it. The stagnant pond was clearly just a momentary aberration.

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