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Teddy’s Tales: Dog-Walking Hands

dry hands

There’ll be no more smooth hands and smart manicures for me this year – I’m fighting a losing battle against dog-walking hands. Dry and chapped, it’s what happens when you walk a dog daily and the weather turns autumnal.

There is a simple solution – gloves – but trying to rustle open a poo bag and do the necessary while juggling a ball-thrower, a lead and the glove you’ve just taken-off, led to the inevitable for me. I lost two pairs in a week and, in a moment of supreme klutziness, dropped another in something unmentionable and had to leave it where it was. Then there was the problem of treats plus gloves. Fingers that have been doling out bits of greasy chicken or smelly liver, don’t really want to be put back into gloves.

I may have to resort to my grandmother’s trick for ‘gardening hands’. At night time she would slather on Vaseline, slide a pair of protective cotton gloves over the top then, ta-dah!, she’d wake up with baby-soft hands. It’s a bit of a chore so for the moment, I’ll continue my quest for a slap-on-and-go hand cream with staying power. I’ll let you know if I find one and if not, then perhaps A Better Hand Cream will be next on the Tales of Teddy product list.

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