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Friday Find: Dog Christmas Decorations

dog christmas decorations

This time last week I might have blamed it on the sudden cold snap or the clocks going back, but this week I’m not so sure. It’s well-known in financial circles that lipstick sales soar in times of economic uncertainty, when more affordable luxuries provide consumer cheer. They call it the Lipstick Index. These days, apparently nail polish has replaced lipstick as the item of choice, but I’m wondering about dog goods.

In the space of two days – since the American political landscape was turned upon its head –  I have had a surge of interest in our Better Dog Bowls and Better Dog Blankets. And there’s been a raft of questions about dog-centric Christmas baubles. Am I selling any? (Why not?) Have I seen anything beautifully made and/or twinkle-free?

Perhaps it’s no wonder that people are looking to the twin comforts of dog + home when we have minute-by-minute news feeds telling us how ghastly the outlook.

Always happy to spread some dog-related cheer, I thought I’d offer up these little beauties. Hand-printed, hand-made, these Fleecy Christmas Tree Dog Face Decorations from EdwynUK cost £8 each and come in a variety of breeds. So much dog-love that you can breathe easy: I think we’ve got your small luxuries covered.

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