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Friday Find: Christmas Dog Gifts

dog gifts

“Do people really buy their dogs a Christmas present?” asked a man recently. He had an incredulous little laugh in his voice. Smiling tranquilly I assured him that yes, many dog owners are just that side of crazy, and yes, judging by our sudden spike in sales and the requests for sweet, wordy Christmas messages to be added to the packages leaving Tales of Teddy HQ, people really do want to treat their dog gifts at Christmas.

He swiftly changed the subject but I gave it some thought. Actually, the gifts that we send out are not only bought by dog-owners. A Christmas present for a four-legged friend seems to be the thing when you’ve run out of ideas for their owner.

Yesterday, we packed up a set of our Better Dog Bowls, ordered by a man living in France. He wanted to send his elderly, dog-loving aunt in Scotland, “Something different”. Another Better Dog Bowl went out to a cat-lover with the direction: “Please add to the note, ‘Good for cats, too.’ ”

We sent A Better Dog Blanket to Ireland, timed to arrive before the guest who had ordered it for her host. Clearly she thought something warm and woolen might come in handy, if not for the dogs (I’m imagining huge docile Wolfhounds, curled up in front of roaring peaty fires), then for her lap during the stay.

I could go on. There are plenty of people gifting to dogs who are not their own this Christmas – perhaps a gift for the household pet has taken over from that perennial failsafe for when all else fails, the scented candle? In case you are inspired, our last posting date for Christmas delivery, is Tuesday 20th.








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