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Teddy’s Tales: What a Year!

What a way to end the year. An idea kick-started in 2013, with the arrival of Teddy the Mini Schnauzer, and a blog about this small, urban dog, has slowly evolved into a business. It’s been a steep old learning curve – and an exciting one. Getting to know the skilled craftspeople who work a kind of magic in their trade was a gift, as expected, but even what I imagined to be the more challenging angles – learning the rudiments of business from our whizz of an advisor, even sorting out the logistics of delivering parcels from A to B was made interesting – fun, even – and a whole lot easier with the support of an excellent network.

A lovely thing to discover is that enthusiasm is contagious and people are happy to share their knowledge. From the dog walkers who distribute tips, the cheery postman who picks up daily Tales of Teddy parcels to our brilliantly supportive Instagram community, the Press and (phew!) our new customers – there’s been a spirit of positivity. So, while Teddy is running high on chicken treats, we are giving huge thanks for 2016 and have high hopes – and some great plans – for 2017, working with more skilled craftspeople and bringing you more beautifully made dog goods. Stay tuned!

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