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Teddy’s Tales: In Praise of (Welsh) Dog Blankets

dog blankets

One of the lovely things about working with craftspeople from the British Isles is that we can visit easily and take Teddy along, too. A trip to Pembrokeshire to see in the New Year, climbing cliffs and taking brisk strolls along scenic beaches, meant that we could call in at Melin Tregwynt.

The beautiful 100-year-old wool mill where our exclusive Better Dog Blankets are made, lies hidden deep in a wooded Welsh valley. We drove down twisting, country lanes to get there, along the kind of narrow, leafy passageways that make a Londoner like me pray not to end upside down in a ditch.

Although the looms were silent (weavers need holidays,too), the shop was open, as was the cafe and we could visit the white-washed workshops. Teddy discovered a new room dedicated to yarn colours, and spent some time concentrating on cones of rich purple and apple green wool (see above). They might not quite work with the Tales of Teddy strategy of matching dog blankets to a dog’s natural coat colour (why highlight dog hairs?) but I like his jaunty style. Now there’s an idea for spring…

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