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Friday Find: A New Red Leather Collar and Lead

leather collar

Recently a fair few people have asked if we might start making a new red leather collar and lead. As far as statements in leather goods for dogs go, red is a fairly bold choice. While Disney helped popularise red collars for white dogs, having done some extensive research on the streets of London, it appears that not only Dalmatians gravitate towards a colour pop – and with good reason.

Rufty-tufty Terriers of all types, but most especially those with white, tan and black markings, are often put in jaunty red: it amps up the character-factor. Tan-coloured dogs of all tones, shapes and sizes – from pale Labs to reddish brown Irish Terriers and wriggly Dachshunds – sport red to great effect, too. If the shade is right, red sings out against a caramel coat.

But like lipstick colours, there are reds and there are reds. We’ve chosen a brilliant fire-engine red for our new Better Dog Collar and Better Dog Lead. Tricked out in superior quality bridle leather it provides an intense flash of colour that catches the eye.

Teddy had never worn red before we photographed him, above, and now I can’t think why not. Of course red goes with his grey coat, and it looks city smart – like graphic red street markings on a grey tarmac road. Ours is a true London red: the shade of the tunics worn by the Queen’s Guards as well as the colour of the capital’s letter boxes, buses and telephone booths.

As befits Tales of Teddy, where we like to pay a nod to tradition, our new red leather colour way with its distinctive black edging is a classic combination used in the old sport of carriage driving. So, it’s a bit of British heritage wrapped up in a burst of colour that will brighten up even the greyest of (London) days – what’s not to like in our new leather collar and lead?


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