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Teddy Loves: The Dog House Giveaway

The Dog House Giveaway

At Tales of Teddy we love good quality everything. So when The Dog House Giveaway came up we got excited. This is a splendid chance for 20 dog-lovers to try out a fabulous new dog-training app free, post a review and receive some frankly superior dog treats made by Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux as a thank you. What’s not to like?

We all know that dog training needs to be constant and consistent if it’s to be truly effective – and The Dog Trainer in Your Pocket app aims to help owners in various ways. It’s the brainchild of Mark and Gillian Thompson, the couple behind The Dog House. Over the past twenty years, they have built an exclusive and incredibly loyal following centred around their dog activity holidays and training courses that take place on a 300-acre Welsh farm.

The app aims to help more dog owners train their dogs successfully, without having to spend heaps on special courses. It’s something Mark feels strongly about: “Having a happy well-trained dog shouldn’t be about money,” he says. “It’s about the right information.”

Simply downloaded onto a mobile device, the app can teach and troubleshoot on the go. Detailed tips and easy to follow exercises address specific challenges, and the hope is that this convenient method of dog training may also prevent issues developing in the future – especially if used from puppyhood. “Many dogs are abandoned because they are deemed too problematic,” says Mark. “This could potentially be avoided if people understand the importance of early education in a dog’s routine.” If you fancy trying out the app and posting a review – and if your dog would like to taste a Michelin-starred chef’s version of a dog treat (Teddy recommends them), see our rules of entry, below:

The first 20 people to email hello@thedoghousetrading.com and mention TALES OF TEDDY GIVEAWAY will receive a code allowing them to download the Dog Trainer in Your Pocket app free (normal cost, £4.99, downloaded from The App Store and Google Play). When they post a review of the Dog Trainer in Your Pocket app, they will then receive The Dog House goodie bag: a lovely large tin (250g) of Bedtime Biscuits and a handy little tin (50g) of Random Rewards for training on the go, sent in a smart The Dog House shopper. Deadline for entry is midnight (GMT) 17th March 2017. UK residents only.

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