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Teddy’s Tales: Off to Join the Dog Circus


Teddy is off to join the dog circus, The Incredibly Clever Canine Circus to be exact. It’s a whole new way to train your dog, and it’s the brainchild of dog trainer – and former children’s nanny –  Deborah Colella, aka The Dog Nanny.

“I’ll admit it: dog training can be quite boring,” says Deborah. “I wanted to bring in an element of fun and creativity, because when you’re having fun, you’re more relaxed, and everyone – both owner and dog – gets more out of it. As anyone who has worked with children will tell you, learning though play is the most effective way to do it.”

And of course, learning new tricks and turns at the dog circus adds up to more than just playtime with your dog: “It strengthens the bond between dog and handler and enhances dog co-operation,” says Deborah.

Each class is purposely small and manageable. “We have groups of 6-8 dogs and we work outside, so there’s room to spread out, which makes it a lot less stressful than training in a room.” There is also a course for Young Handlers, aged 10’ish and up.

Inspired by the all-inclusive circus theme, these courses are designed to work for anybody. Neither you nor your dog have to have a wealth of experience or be perfectly trained to do well: “Divas, devils and drama-queens, they’re all welcome,” says Deborah.

“We tailor what each dog does to their individual talents. So each has a platform – their safe space – where they work on tricks like ‘sitting pretty’ or ‘waving’, or routines involving hoops and cones. No one will be told-off and everyone will be good at something.”

The hour-long, six-week courses kick-off on May 3rd (discount for bookings made before 18th April) and will be held at various outside spaces around London. Deeply groovy, The Incredibly Clever Canine Circus will also be headlining at The Good Life Experience, too. Teddy’s got his ruff on and he’s raring to go…




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