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Friday Find: Dog Portraits


Robert James Clarke is known for jetting around the world and painting rather lovely dog portraits of some rather spoilt pooches. I’ve written about his work and his role call of celebrity clients before Click Here. (To see his fabulous drawing of Teddy, take a look at Friday Find: Dog Art). Clarke and his art fittingly feature in a new, 6-part documentary with the working title Rich Dogs that’s currently being filmed for ITV, but his latest collection of dog portraits paints a different story.

“I got in touch with Wild at Heart Foundation, All Dogs Matter, Senior Sighthounds and I Heart Whippets,” say Rob. “They sent me photographs of dogs that were available to adopt.” Bingo! They were the inspiration for “RESCUE ME”, his latest show, running from 25th April to 30 April at Julian Hartnoll Gallery in Mayfair.

“The commissions I normally do are of specific breeds. What I liked about doing the rescues is they are all so different, with shades of many breeds. Interesting mixes, characterful chaps. Diesel, Dexter, Rocky… Some of the dogs just sprang to my attention.”  See Dexter, a Wild at Heart Foundation dog, all silky ears and doleful eyes, above.  “Since then, most of the dogs I’ve painted have found new homes which is wonderful.”

Prices start at £1200 for a 12″ x 12″ portrait and 10% of sales go to each individual charity. If Dexter appeals (and how could he not?), he also appears in a new run of Clarke’s cards at Equine Canine Art.



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