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Teddy’s Tales (Teddy on Tour – Part 1): Quarantine

dog in quarantine

Teddy is currently residing at a kindly quarantine station in New Zealand. He has been there since last Friday, when we all travelled the 11,386 mile journey from London. Ted went via LA (a shorter journey) and we went via Hong Kong (a cheaper journey). Yes, Teddy, we have our priorities straight – anything for our fluffy friend.

The quarantine station gave us an update as soon as he (and we) arrived: “Teddy came out of his crate easily. Such a chilled out boy,” they wrote. In the accompanying photo he looked well, if a bit wary – twenty six hours in a crate would unsettle the best of us.

We visited Teddy the day after we arrived. Once we had slipped on our white protective coats and dunked our shoes in trays of antiseptic, we were allowed into his run. Cue much excitement – from him and from us. He greeted us all in turn with lots of licks (very un-Ted – his unfettered happiness over-ruled his normal sense of restraint) and we mostly sat on his bed while he went from lap to lap and cuddled in (see above). What a sensory overload for one little dog – boarding kennels for one night, crazy long plane flight, unusual crate and now quarantine – but he’s doing great so far. He’s a stalwart chap but then, among all the mad newness that he has experienced in the last week, there’s also clearly been heaps of kindness. The young man who came from Pet Air UK (the pet shippers) to collect Ted happily gave him a cuddle. The carers at the quarantine station have talked us through our, ‘Should we visit Teddy or will it just unsettle him more?’ queries, and advised us accordingly depending on how he was doing that day. The photo updates, including one of Ted playing fetch (“It’s more like a game of squash when you play with him, he knocks it back to you”, they said. Exactly!), have been brilliantly reassuring. So far the whole experience has been as positive as we could have hoped for.

Can’t wait to pick him up next week. Meantime, we’ll be Ted-proofing our New Zealand garden. To see what it looks like, click here. It’s going to be a bit of a job…

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