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Friday Find: Beautiful Stocking Fillers

There are some dog products that are so good, you needn’t be a dog owner to want them. I have an Hermes dog whistle that was mine 13 years before I got the dog to go with it.
A dogless friend recently pounced on my box of Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats, beguiled by the cool little tin. She fell for the spot-on styling, but there’s more to these little liver morsels than that. I’ve written about them before (Teddy Loves… Beautiful Joe’s), but since they are such an excellent natural product, packaged in such a desirable tin, with such a benevolent premise – and since they now have a Christmas Special going on – well, my thinking is that you can never have too much of a good thing.
The people at Beautiful Joe’s match the amount of treats you buy and donate them to an approved canine rescue centre. For their Christmas Special, they are doubling their donations. What’s not to like? Help train and treat dogs at a rescue centre while stocking up on a stylish gift for your (or perhaps a friend’s) dog.

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Teddy Loves… Beautiful Joe’s

Teddy loves Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats. He instantly nosed out the packet of air-dried, free-range, natural liver treats in his brilliant PawPost pack (see Friday Find:PawPost). And I instantly zeroed in on the matching yellow, retro sweetie-style tin with its smart graphics. Only going since February 2014, this reassuringly natural product in its natty packaging comes with a tear-jerking story (read the tale of the dog named Beautiful Joe on the website) and is a sweet way to treat a hound less fortunate than yours. Beautiful Joe’s match the amount of treats you buy and donate them to an approved canine rescue home of your choice. How very clever and how very kind.

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Teddy’s Tales: The Ultimate Healthy Dog Treats

healthy dog treats

“If we can’t give Teddy a chocolate egg for Easter, what shall we give him?” asked my son, earnestly. He had just learned that chocolate does not fall under the category of healthy dog treats. I had relayed a story from our vet about a Yorkie who had recently eaten a potentially fatal dose of dark chocolate (worse for a dog than milk or white chocolate). Luckily the dog vomited straight away and was at Zasman Vet within minutes where, among other things, the vet induced further vomiting. “Fortunately the owners got the dog here straightaway,” says Rodney Zasman. “And the dog vomited within half an hour of eating the chocolate.” Is there anything else that you should do in such an emergency? “It’s important to bring in the wrapper that the chocolate was in and work out approximately how much chocolate was eaten,” says Rodney.
No one wants that kind of drama – chocolate will be kept well away from Teddy at Easter, and at every other time of the year.
As regards my son’s query, Teddy’s Easter doggy delight will consist of his Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats. I’ve written about them before and will continue to do so because they are such an excellent product. The natural liver treats inside the retro-chic tin come with a generous feel-good factor, for the people at Beautiful Joe’s match the amount of treats you buy and donate them to an approved canine rescue centre: an all-round Easter treat.