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Care Guide

Dog Collars and Dog Leads

Leather goods: Apply a leather food/conditioner when new, and every now and again afterwards. This will keep the leather supple, nourished and ‘sealed’, which will avoid the risk of colour transfer. (The leather leaves the tannery with a special finish to lock in the dyed surfaces, through use this wears off and needs to be replaced, especially if your dog likes to swim.) After walks, wipe off any dirt from leather and fittings with a damp cloth and leave to dry naturally. When storing leather goods, keep them away from direct heat (radiators, fireplaces etc) and sunlight.

Rope goods: Chatham hemp rope is a natural fibre, with natural oils, that will soften down with age and wear. If it gets wet, leave it to air dry, naturally.

Hardware: Buffing the brass hardware with a soft cloth should be enough to keep it shiny, otherwise a quick polish with the appropriate brass cleaner will bring it back to a high shine. Do check all fittings regularly – it’s good practice.

Dog Blankets

Our blankets are all made of 100% wool. Teddy’s blankets are shaken out daily and regularly aired to keep them fresh. This is enough to keep them looking and smelling good, but if you want to clean yours more thoroughly, we recommend dry cleaning.

Dog Bowls

Our dog bowls have been high-fired to make them hardy and food safe. To keep these bowls in pristine condition, we advise hand-washing them.

Tea Towels

Our tea towels are a superior blend of linen and cotton and as such, it is recommended that they are washed at 40 degrees and ironed on a medium heat. No tumble dry.

If you have any queries on caring for your Tales of Teddy goods, please get in touch: customercare@talesofteddy.com